intro Guincho Surf School

Since we opened 8 years ago, we have given lessons to more than 3000 people aged 6 to 50, with a total of 1850 lessons given.

Out of all these pupils, only 6 had to receive some form of medical assistance due to accidents that took place during the lessons, demonstrating a good safety record that we are proud of.

I believe we have managed to fulfil our initial objectives and happily even exceeded them, evolving and developing the work of accompanying young competitors and their respective careers, still a relatively recent phenomenon in Portugal which is growing and that we were pioneers in.

Thanks to the work carried out by this advanced group, the school was awarded four national titles in 2004, two in 2005 and one in 2007. Pupils have strong presence in national and regional rankings, at their respective levels, and participate in the Junior National Team and in European and World Championships.


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